Anonymous: I haven't been on school for almost two weeks now. The social anxiety has taken over my mind completely. I cry myself to sleep every night and all i can think of is hurting myself, punishing myself for being this way. i dont know what to do anymore. I feel so lost...

You need to talk to your doctor. That’s really the only thing you can do at this point. Get a piece of paper, or write an email and tell your mom/dad/guidern what’s going on. Email it to them or put it on the counter. Than, go online and look up anxiety tests, take one and when you go to the doctor just hand it to them and tell them you want to be tested. They can give you meds to help you through this. it’s really hard but I know you can do it. :) Trust me you’re a lot stronger then you think you are and we can get through this. :) Those meds will make the butterflies go away, my friend takes them too. It’ll all be okay 

Anonymous: My bestfriend and I are really close and everything fun we tell eachother EveRYthiNg. Ive attempted sucide 1 and I burn and I cut and she helps me through it but she dosent understand she dosent have these problems and a couple of days ago she came to me and stared me dead in the eyes and said "I cant fucking deal with ur sadness bye" and she went up to her other friends and told them everything about me... I really dont know what to do this is the 6 night in a row that Ive cried myself to sleep

Please understand where she is coming from. She doesn’t understand so she might not understand how big of a deal it is. “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.” Shakespeare. Which translates to “It’s easy to joke about scars when you’ve never been cut” Sit her down. Look her in the eyes and explain how you feel in simple terms. One of the best way I’ve heard it explained is let all the air out of your chest, till there’s nothing left. Hold it. Now when you can’t anymore let go. Feel yourself start to gasp for air. No air is like depression and the let it go is the self harm. Tell her how you feel then tell her that you just want her to be there, to listen when you’re done. She doesn’t have to know how to help you because depression is hard but just listening helps so much. Plus I’m always here for you :) Depressions a bitch but it does get better. 

Anonymous: Mátame

I don’t speak spanish D: I’m taking a spanish class but I’m failing it. 

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